version updates

What's new in berta v0.9.0b:
Release date 18 Jun 2018
- Redux integration (sites, sections, template settings, general settings)
- Lumen based API
- JSON schemas for XML files
- Data model services
- Code cleanup (linter, CS formatting)

What's new in berta v0.8.11b:

Release date 21 Mar 2017
- PHP 7 support
- portfolio page type
- guided tour
- localization improvements
- security improvements
- other minor improvements and bugfixes

What's new in berta v0.8.10b:
Release date 28 Nov 2014
- image optimization for High-Resolution displays
- option to disable fade animation for background galleries
- SEO Title, Keywords and Content description for each section
- easier image sorting in the gallery editor view
- option to customize text color, background color and size in the text editor
- other minor but useful improvements and bugfixes

What's new in berta v0.8.9b:
Release date 15 Apr 2014
- option to clone sections
- responsive layout option for White and Mashup templates
- columns option (1-4) for Mash-up section in responsive layout for Mashup template
- menu color option in Default template
- user onboarding call-to-action message
- http:// prefix for URL fields
- other minor improvements and bugfixes

What's new in berta v0.8.8b:
Release date 12 Mar 2014
- multisite feature added (available only for hosted Pro and Shop plans)
- added more breakpoints for responsive Messy template
- other minor improvements and bugfixes

What's new in berta v0.8.7a:
Release date 23 Oct 2013
- option to enable responsive layout for Messy and Default templates (experimental, alpha version)
- option to set all elements centered to window for responsive Messy template
- embeddable video background for sections added
- image preloader added- image padding setting for each row gallery
- spanish translation added
- section name now can contain special lithuanian characters
- shopping cart link is movable
- option to add an image for shopping cart link
- message for out of stock products added in shop sections
- shopping cart redesign, supports responsive layout- added option to pay with credit card in shop plugin
- other minor improvements and bugfixes

What's new in berta v0.8.6b:
Release date 2 Aug 2013
- crop tool for gallery images
- medium size option for gallery images
- video player changed to HTML5 Video.js - supports MP4 and FLV
- auto play option for video player
- section names now can contain special characters (russian, greek, turkish, ukrainian, latvian, czech, polish)
- option to hide background gallery navigation arrows for Messy template
- added background grid for Messy template
- option to hide page header from landing page independently from menu
- poster for uploaded video is now optional
- shop plugin upgrade with shipping weight calculator
- shop plugin upgrade with input fields for legal person
- other minor improvements and bugfixes

What's new in berta v0.8.5a:
Release date 10 Jan 2013
- shop plugin upgrade with an inventory module
- support for animated gif resizing (PHP Imagick extension required)
- gallery slideshow timing improvements
- mooTools: the javascript framework upgrade to version 1.4.5
- added internal version for js and css files - to prevent loading from browsers cache on update
- other minor improvements and bugfixes

What's new in berta v0.8.4b:
Release date 27 Sep 2012
- fixed submenu sorting bug
- if "Show menu in first section" is set to "no", then "additional-text" also hides from first section
- "create new entry" button in messy template is now draggable
- improved HTML editor, added extra toolbar to manage TABLES
- tinyMCE is updated to v.xx.xx
- optimized asset images
- messy template version number increased
- footer field added
- ability to hide image numbers for each entry
- other minor improvements and bug fixes

What's new in berta v0.8.3b:
Release date 08 Aug 2012
- added submenu sorting
- added instructional videos panel on startup
- layout can be centered in all templates
- berta dashboard is redesigned
- 3 hosting plans now are available
- other minor improvements

What's new in berta v0.8.2b:
Release date 29 Mar 2012
- add custom CSS from admin panel
- row, column, pile and slideshow gallery support in all templates
- validation for px, em values
- added license.txt
- other minor improvements

What's new in berta v0.8.1b:
Release date 29 Feb 2012
- background gallery update
- option to hide menu in the first section
- other minor fixes and improvements

What's new in berta v0.8.0b:
Release date 28 Jan 2012
- auto-slideshow for images
- images can be links (with hover state)
- add section background galleries (only in messy template)
- each section can have different background image or color (only in messy template)
- thumbnail view for background gallery items (only in messy template)
- redesigned gallery buttons
- redesigned main menu in administration mode
- tips for first-time users
- hide menu in the first page
- shop plugin trial is included for all hosted berta websites
- message panel in admin mode got smarter
- other minor fixes and improvements

What's new in berta v0.7.4b:
Release date 08 Dec 2011
- Drag all entries in Messy template by holding down Shift key
- added possibility to include JavaScript code. Use that to embed facebook buttons, comments, twitter feeds and much more
- change width of each entry (only in Messy template)
- each entries position can be fixed (entry does not scrolls, only in Messy template)
- other minor fixes and improvements

What's new in berta v0.7.3b:
Release date 11 Nov 2011
- berta shop plugin compatible
- added visible guidlines for draggable elements
- Google Analytics snippet updated to the latest version
- Heading 2 font style available in description field
- tags field repositioned and renamed to submenu
- added drop-down menu for each entry (where you can find Delete, Marked and Sent to back buttons
- fixed issue when sometimes page becomes slow if has lots of images
- menu bar on top of the screen is hidden, when mouse is over entry
- gallery menu buttons changed
- added French translation (incomplete)
- changed logo and favicons
- we moved to GitHub
- other minor fixes and improvements

What's new in berta v0.7.1:
Release date 12 Aug 2011
- now you can use any google web font in berta
- it is possible to add facebook comments, lieke field and other stuff (added more allowed tags)
- in messy template you can switch between static or movable menu and header
- you can define your own submenu position (in the messy template)
- fixed issue, when entry navigation is under settings menu bar
- fixed issue that sometimes it is impossible to paste text into description field
- other minor fixes

What's new in berta v0.7.0:
Release date 18 Jul 2011
- image lightbox (enlarge images)
- 2 possible sizes of images in a gallery
- snap-to-grid all draggable objets
- easily add social icons and banners (with or without external links)
- change password directly in berta
- localization – interface available in English and Latvian (soon also in other languages)
- new login screen
- other minor improvements

What's new in berta v0.6.5b:
Release date 26 Feb 2011
- iphone and opera compatibility improvements (scrolling and glitches)
- now fully php 5.3 compatible
- fixed jumping to the top when creating new entries
- and other small technical bugfixes and improvements

What's new in berta v0.6.4b:
Release date 10 Nov 2010
- new feature in all templates: stretchable background image that always fills the whole browser window
- fixed bug in galleries on chrome when clicking on image didn't load next image
- fixed flickering of "row" gallery mode
- fixed flickering of content upon loading page
- fixed issue when sometimes content of some section would not show up

What's new in berta v0.6.3b:
Release date 21 Jun 2010
- fixed a serious bug that erased entries when changing their stacking order in the messy template
- fixed a bug with links from the first page of mashup template
- fixed issue with favion not showing up anywhere except the main page
- fixed issue with uploading GIF images with transparency
- additional_text field now is also in the messy template

What's new in berta v0.6.2b:
Release date 11 Jun 2010
- some bugfixes for Windows platform browsers

What's new in berta v0.6.1b:
Release date 02 Jun 2010
- important bugfixes that affected menu behaviour
- template bugfixes
- adjusted default settings for better first look at your site

What's new in berta v0.6.0b:
Release date 11 May 2010
- new template Mashup — select entries and they randomly gonna appear in the first page
- new template Mess — everything is draggable and your site will be as you make it
- color picker issue fixed
- google analytics code will stay even after update
- settings panel is more organised now
- alternative text menu, where you can put, e.g., links to your site in other languages
- more settings for fine-tuning your site
- some minor bugs fixed

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