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How to update your website?

If your website is hosted on our servers it is updated automatically!

If your website is not hosted on our servers, then we recommend updating to the latest version. It is very similar to installing and quite simple:

1. Go to our Download page and download the latest version

2. Unzip it (if it does not happens automatically)

3. By using FTP (a client or in a browser) login to your hosting server where you installed berta

4. Copy all contents of a zip file on to existing files. You can overwrite all files (if you're not sure what you're doing it is recommended to backup your server data beforehand). Be sure not to erase the Storage folder!

To make it more understandable, below is a illustration – all files marked with green CAN be replaced. DON'T erase the Storage folder – it contains all your data!

5. Check if everything is OK in a web browser. In case of problems you will see an error message or a white page (if errors are disabled by the server). If everything is fine you will see the new version number below the login fields in /engine mode.

6. Login to your website using admin and xxx. Change your password (upper right corner – Profile) and upgrading is finished!

In case of errors try to repeat the procedure (sometimes bad or limited FTP connection does evil magic and files get corrupted) or try to erase all files except the Storage folder and copy them again – so called Clean install. As said before – it is not a bad idea to backup your files first.

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